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On Urban Sustainability …. a beginning

Something to think about from Chris Nyerges.


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  1. I was just talking to a guy today and explaining my philosophy for my 5 acre homestead. I prefer to think of it like a big sailboat- as self-sustainable as possible, recognizing that everyone has to have outside inputs at some point. I’ve raised chickens, planted gardens, begun down the path toward solar backup (I need to drastically increase my solar capacity), collect rainwater from our gutters, and have a pool and generator capable of running our well. Yes, I have to look for outside sources for gas and diesel, seeds if I run out of them (I grow only heirloom), and I need to plant an orchard. I can and do also hunt squirrels, deer, and turkeys on the place. We cut our own firewood both at home and from the neighbors to heat our home through the winters. 5 acres is relatively small to do all of this on, but with work it is doable. The key is stop looking at it as “work” and look at it as a way to relax from the daily rushing grind, as well as a way to reduce your family’s dependence on those outside sources. I’ve been able to provide our vegetables, grains, and eggs for quite some time. With hunting and raising cattle with my father-in-law, we provide all our own meat for the year. It’s wonderful, and frees up the income to do other things.


    August 27, 2018 at 4:06 PM

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