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Just more links from recent research…



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More Payphone Pictures

A couple more payphones encountered on my way back east.

More Pictures From Colorado SIGINT Class

Old-School Army Navy Store

Old-school army/navy stores are a dying breed. Fortunately, the one I’ve been going to since elementary school is still in business. It’s my go-to place when I’m looking for rugged field gear and clothing. 

The Duffle Bag
1270 Route 311
Patterson, New York 12563
(845) 878-7106




With everything said and done, I now find myself back in New England.  Part of the reason was economic. There is no tech sector in central Wyoming, and an occasional once-a-week contract gig does not pay the rent. The other part was family-related, which having elderly parents is something that I expected, just not this soon.  Fortunately, thanks to President God Emperor Trump and the magic Baboon Orgy, manufacturing is on the increase in its traditional region, and I had no issues finding work in my second skill set, because 2A7X1.


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